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Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Cambridge Builder

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Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a Cambridge Builder

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Cambridge builders walking off site and general builders taking money and not completing work. If that’s not bad enough, have you heard the stories where Cambridge builders have removed chimney breasts, only for the outside wall to collapse? How would you prevent these problems occurring on your building projects at home? When identifying where to look for a recommended Cambridge builder, don’t always opt for the easiest approach. That is, to use sites that require builders and tradespeople to become members. My friends own experiences of builders from these sites has been poor, which suggests that the vetting process is insufficient. How do you trust platforms such as these, where reviews can be left quite easily by friends and relatives? For this reason, your own checks must be more rigorous than the checks these websites carry out. Here we go, the top 5 mistakes when choosing a builder.

Accepting what a builder say’s without following up with your own vetting process

Whatever a general builder Cambridge tells you about their company, treat as suspicious until proven. You should only accept facts that you have corroborated. Ideally, official documentation is the best route to confirm a general builder’s credentials. For instance, insurance, memberships, qualifications and confirmed documented reviews that you can follow up on.

Leave the vetting process to someone else

Using sites that list builders in Cambridge and tradespeople can land you in hot water. If you accept that the website has performed all possible checks then you are likely to come unstuck. These websites absolve themselves of all liability for any issues that their members have created. They will tell you how sorry they are and how you should leave a bad review. But this does not get you your money back, and it certainly does not put right any defects or dangerous works.

Not fully understanding the works that are going to be carried out

I am not suggesting that you become experts in general building. I would suggest however, that you research the work you are having done. This will allow you, as a minimum, to see if the builder is completing the work as it should be done. Some general builders in Cambridge are notorious for cutting corners. This only results in the work having to be redone, not lasting as long, or at worst being dangerous. If you have a friend or relative that has an understanding, lean on them for help and support.

Always question the builder!

If you are unsure what the builder is doing, or going to do, always ask. Never remain in the dark. It’s far harder to iron out problems later.

Document everything

Exact record keeping will be your best friend in the event of a dispute. Ensure all agreements are in writing, any variations to work are agreed and signed for and especially ask the builder for a sign off certificate. The sign off certificate should indicate the works completed, that they were completed to a high standard and met all necessary legislation. Do not be daunted by employing a recommended Cambridge builder to complete your next building project. Vet, question and record everything.