Loft Conversion Cambridge

Loft Conversion Cambridge by Skilled & Experienced Tradespeople

Loft Conversion in Cambridge is a great investment if you are considering extending your property. You can add upwards of 20% to the total value of your home by completing a quality loft conversion. It is a great way to expand your property and get the best return on your investment.

Loft Conversion Cambridge


Loft Conversion Cambridge can add a significant amount to the value of your property. Some people choose to convert the loft area to obtain more space without having to endure the stressful process of moving home. A loft conversion Cambridge is less disruptive than expanding living space, and it provides one of the best returns on your investment. Before you begin, it is worth learning more about loft conversions and how it can benefit  you. It is important to have the right design, whilst considering your budget, total property configuration, and energy efficiency.


What Will Your Loft Conversion Be?


Once you have decided that your home is suitable for development, think about how you will use your space. An extra bedroom with a bathroom, or maybe a playroom for children. How about a place where you can relax or study? Or it could be a multipurpose space, such an additional living space but with furniture that could double it’s use as a guest room. If your home already has a bathroom then perhaps consider a shower room to maximise over loft conversion space? Consider the extra storage you could create, by utilising eve space which cannot be used as living accommodation. Also, take into account floor level and how this will effect ceiling height. If you have angled ceilings then you may need to compromise on furniture as angled ceilings restrict height and the movement of wardrobe doors for instance. Almost all loft conversions Cambridge that we have completed ultimately use the converted loft space for multiple uses.


Choosing loft conversion in Cambridge


When identifying a reliable loft conversion builder Cambridge, consider one where you will benefit from a team who will work together with you to ensure you get what you want. Design Build Renovate Maintain will provide a qualified loft conversion designer, project manager, estimator and build team. Furthermore, we can arrange building and planning control approval. A loft company providing all necessary project elements with established and trusted partners ensure complete control, and ultimately project success.

More often than not, customers look at the loft conversion cost rather than how it will be delivered. We completed unfinished work in many homes left by previous builders. We can testify that these customers would have preferred to scale back on some elements of their loft build than to risk the project in it’s entirety.¬† It’s worth setting your expectations at a level that will deliver the project successfully.

Design Build Renovate Maintain Limited is ready to answer all your questions.


Why Choose Us to Build Your Loft Conversion?


  • We provide an in-home consultation with a no obligation estimate
  • We plan and design your loft conversion Cambridge
  • We undertake to obtain building and planning approval
  • We complete the build to agreed specification, budget and timescale
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