Garage Conversion Cambridge

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Garage conversion Cambridge can add up to 15% to the value of your home. It is an affordable solution because you are working with an existing prepared house structure. 

Garage Conversion Cambridge


Garage conversions Cambridge can convert your unused space into something useful. People rarely use the garage for cars nowadays, and it often becomes a storage or dumping area for unwanted items. Converting a garage into an area for living is a good way to expand or add space to the home. It is cost effective and adds value. With just a little effort you can turn the garage into a functional and usable home space. Before you embark on this project, make sure you are aware of various aspects of garage conversions in Cambridge. You might already be living in your dream house, you just need a few alterations to make it an even better home.


Garage Conversion Builder Cambridge


Your first step towards converting garages should be assessing the current structure and ensuring foundation, roof, and walls are in good shape. You will have to go a long way to find out what you need to create a suitable living space. This is an important design factor because if the building is in a sound shape then it will be cheaper for you. Getting what you want will depend entirely on a few things such as how you want to use this area, how you want to integrate it with your property and what is your budget. In case if you have a handy budget then you can work with an architect to find creative ways to maximise the beauty of your garage and make a living space that seems natural with your living area.

A popular route can be a company that specialises in garage conversion Cambridge. You will get fantastic results, a professional company will do the planning and provide you with a top-notch final product. Hiring a company will also ensure that your project moves smoothly and under budget. In a normal scenario, it should be easy to attach garage with main accommodation. You can also combine it with a room by going through the wall. A detached structure also has its own uses such as a home office. Normally a single garage is around 15m2, which is more than enough to make a playroom, guest bed, drawing room, etc. If the garage is 30m2 then it makes things more flexible for you. You can make a bigger living room, a bigger kitchen, bedroom, or an annex.


Garage Conversion Benefits


You get a number of benefits by choosing a garage conversion Cambridge. It can be really cheap for you if you are lucky. In case if you have a double garage then you can convert half the area into a new room and keep the rest as a garage for your car. A great thing about changing the existing structure of the home is that you don’t need a new foundation or have to build from scratch, which can save you a lot of money. Many garages have electricity so it will further reduce your cost. A garage is an obvious choice as compared to other extensions.


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